Hi Wizards... I will tell you about a extremely Powerful hacker group... People believe they are Team Foe... but their not... they are really The Order Of The Departed Servers... they are MEGA hackers that break servers.... the leader I is Cody Foe... I know I know,  you might think.. No he is not he is the Leader of Team-Foe.... he is... Cody Foe just likes to call Order Of The Departed Servers... the name Team-Foe... Cody always does to days he attacks on... Sunday and Monday... he is a death wizard that has a hood on and a cop suit on and Avlon boots and a Death wand... I know all the clothes he has... I'll say them... Cop hat, Cop suit, Cop boots, Ice hat, Ice suit, Ice boots, Death hood, Death suit, and Avlon boots, and the owl hair... (No hat with the owl hair).... he mostly wears Cop suit and Death Hood and Avlon boots.... he is the Leader of The Order Of The Departed Servers

The second Leader is Miguel Foe

The third Leader is Justin Foe

They make bots on wizard101

He told me that soon he will get Open Chat near a week this isn't good he might hack Open Chat somehow or make his own chat.... he claims he likes to call open chat... Foe-Chat... weird right?

Alot of hackers on toontown and wizard101 claim that Cody Foe is the most powerful Hacker on toontown and wizard101 he always warned us that Team Foe will take over the spiral on Sunday... is that true?

Or he he a made up legend?

Is the Teams a made up legend?

we may never know...

Until every Sunday he attacks Team Friend...

I am the Leader of Team Friend... we have been enemies with Team-Foe for like 6 Years... 3 years on toontown...

And 3 years on wizard101...

We never brought peace to them... they don't let us

there's nothing left to do but Defeat them... all of our teams need to team up and defeat Team-Foe and Order Of The Departed Servers!!! Are you with me wizards? We gotta make a giant good guy Clan, Team, Or Group...

And together we can defeat Team-Foe and Order Of The Departed Servers...

We will call it Good Group or The Order Of The Fixed Servers or Team-Friend or Clan of Lightness or The Fixed Servers... and etc what ever you want it to be out of those choices.... I favorite Teams that I already am the Leader to are.... Team-Friend and Order Of The Fixed Servers.... the war is today 2013... Monday... july 29th... 10:00-11:00 and 3:00-4:00.... in Haunted Cave by Lord nightshade' s tower not in it in front,back of, on the right of, or on the left to... or all of the above... anywhere you want by it not that far away from it though... not like by the skeleton nights... kinda by the tower of Lord night shade or by the scarecrows not in a battle with them though.... but that's where the war is so yeah... be there today Monday.... 2013 July 29th 3:00-4:00 realm wu  area 1 cya guys :)


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