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There are rumors of Wizard101's first ever hacking organization has returned, along with their leader. The hacking organization is called The Lunatix. The leader of The Lunatix is a Storm wizard named Connor Dragondust. Connor Dragondust is the first ever Wizard101 hacker of all time. I did my research on Connor Dragondust, and I now have PROOF that he truly is back. Currently, I do not have any proof of The Lunatix being back, quite yet. Connor Dragondust even once threatened to "End Wizard101". He is still extremely dangerous. He is Wizard101's biggest threat ever since the beginning of Wizard101. But with Toontown, he isn't really such a threat. Although, he is still notorious for his iconic and unique hacking technique. The Lunatix's extra hideout has been recently leaked by a former "The Mythix" member seeing Connor Dragondust at a hidden area at someone's Storm House on Castle Tours. When the The Mythix member went up to him, Connor Dragondust threatened to flood The Shopping District with extreme lag. So much lag that it freezes the entire Realm. He never ended up doing so, but he certainly is capable of it. The Lunatix 2 OTHER hideouts are located on Triton Avenue and/or Celestia.

Connor Dragondust's Wizard101 Stats Are Listed Below Edit

Name : Connor Dragondust

Nickname : Electro

Gender : Male

Current Level : 10

Pet Gender : Male

Pet : Dark Purple & Yellow Dragon

Pet Name : Gizmo

Wand : Storm Wand

School Of Magic : Storm

Secondary School Of Magic : Death

Hair : Brown Hair (The Rock Candy)

Eye Color : Green Eyes

Robes : Dark Purple & Yellow Vindictator Robes (Stitched)

Boots : Dark Purple & Yellow Celestia Boots (Stitched)

Chat Status : Open-Chat

Leader Of : The Lunatix

Rival Of : The Mythix

Connor Dragondust is capable of so much, and even created his OWN Toontown and Wizard101 hacking program, all by himself. And in real life he's literally only near the age of 15. Now THAT is true talent right there. He usually threatens to hack accounts, in which implies to the situation they're in. After he threatens his victims, if the person mocks him or disrespects him, Connor Dragondust will disconnect them. If they simply go with it and let him do what he wants, he will hack their account. If not that, then he disconnects them, deletes all of the characters, and then replaces all of the characters with HIS own character! That's how he got so notorious. He clearly left a load-ton of evidence. That meaning, people can simply tell who that was, just by looking at all of the character replacements. The replacements are the hacker himself. It was Connor Dragondust. Connor Dragondust is the first ever hacker to ever exist on Wizard101. He is also the first massively notorious Wizard101 hacker of all time. Connor Dragondust is usually found on Triton Avenue and/or Celestia. He is also well-known for outwitting people when people do stuff that upset Connor Dragondust. He finds his ways to "teach them a lesson". Connor Dragondust is the most notorious and unique Storm wizard (Diviner) to have ever made an appearance on Wizard101.

Connor Dragondust at a hidden location at Krokatopia

Connor Dragondust at a hidden location at Krokatopia

Symbol Of The Lunatix

Symbol Of The Lunatix

Connor Dragondust at an unknown location at his own Storm House

Connor Dragondust at an unknown area at his own Storm House

Connor Dragondust during Wizard101's 2013 Halloween

Connor Dragondust during Wizard101's 2013 Halloween

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