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Supreme Clan Arc Republic [SCAR]

Formation of SCAR

SCAR originally began as a 5-member tribe, in early 2008. The Kaori tribe, which consisted of 5 immortal seemingly supreme members. Machiko, Estrako, Gulavi, Shansi, and Kalisto; Kaori. Historically they each consisted of 1 powerful ability which if bounded with it's other 4 part powers, could be a paramount ultimate technique.

Once these wise men realized this, they immediately rushed to conclusions and set forward to begin a clan. They acknowledged that if they were united it would be easier to collect the enchanted mysterious powers they withheld, so they each individually seceeded from their tribe and formed their own clan. Machiko initiated a clan named SCAR, Estrako began the Shadow Union, Gulavi constructed CYLON, Shansi configured Legacy, and lastly Kalisto gave birth to the glorious Templar Knights.

With SCAR officially born in late 2008, Machiko was in search of recruits who had a powerful destiny and his urgeful characteristics. He found several dynamic members including Kurisu, Kuroda, Mitsu, and Keitaro. After the recruit movement somewhat slowed down, more focus was given to the general progress of the clan. Following several months in advance, Machiko was satisfied with his results. Seemingly invincible, SCAR soared through the clan ranks more unexpectedly easily than expected. Even today the mighty SCAR stands in a image; powerfully immerse and prideful.

Conspicous Wars

SCAR vs The Balance Army (2008)

SCAR vs The Avenues (2009)

SCAR vs Third Order (2010)

SCAR vs Fourth Order (2011)

SCAR vs Elemental Alliance (2012)

  • These were the major Victories SCAR had attained*

International Achievements

2009 Best Overall Clan

2010 Clan Tournament PvP Champion

2011 Best Overall PvP Clan

2012 Clan Tournament RP Semi - Champion